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Welcome to - the Best VPN Tool and VPN Setup Service

This site will explain how to setup VPN account and use our VPN tool with the internet in complete anonymity and how to prevent identity theft!
Take the time to protect yourself. Hide your IP. Use our IP and VPN Set up instead.

Being anonymous is not difficult; it only takes a few minutes and costs nearly nothing. So make sure that you surf in Noir mode today! Just like the page's here you can move from the open white space and move to operate in the dark, hidden from view.

Feeling watched and insecure when browsing the net? You don't have to any more; we provide the VPN tool service that enables you to become anonymous when you use the internet.
With our VPN tool you will be safe and anonymous no matter what browser or applications you're using when surfing the net and the best part is the ease of our VPN setup.

Anyone who uses the internet should be concerned about their privacy. Did you know the European Union requires that ISP (Internet Service Provider) keep logs of their subscribers? We can see what has taken place in the USA recently, just read the news or latest reports. Do you know what is being collected, from you? Other countries and regions are doing it as well. Our service is not limited to a specific region but targets the global internet community by preserving privacy via VPN anonymity and the best part is we don't store log files, unlike most ISP that have to store them for many months.

Our VPN Tool

When you connect to, all the traffic .. surfing, bittorrent, downloading, everything going to and from the internet, will pass through our servers, using an encrypted "tunnel", which means that not even your own internet service provider will be able to see where you have been.

When the traffic passes through our VPN tool, yours and all other clients, the IP address will be replaced by ours, and it will be only our address that is visible on the internet. When the VPN is active, your online privacy is assured, your location is cloaked, and you may now surf the web in complete anonymity.
If later on someone wants to seek out information about who was behind our IP address, guess what, we cannot return that information because it is information we don't have, because with our VPN set up, we do not log any information about our customer's traffic.

Consider that we have no information about our customers, no more than email address, is just another step we are taking to strengthen our customers' privacy.

All this for about the price of a cup of coffee a week!!
VPN Setup just cant get any cheaper!!

Noirvpn protecting you since 2009 All Rights Reserved

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