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About Us

This site was created out of necessity, I found in my own home for example, others downloading when I was not at home, or going to sites I would rather not mention here and fundamentally putting me at risk of losing my account with my ISP. I decided to use the tools and knowledge I have and make changes in our home network. However, this scenario it turns out, could also be about you. Seems that many people have things they want to keep private or something to hide.

So in today’s society you can't even read the news on the net without being sure that you’re NOT being watched by somebody.
This restriction against your personal freedom is defended by some companies need for doing business and to find out what you
do each day. This has forced us to a society where anonymity no longer exists on the net.

We at Noirvpn are not happy with this.
We provide a service for those who, like us, feel uncomfortable having our surf habits and interests on the net being monitored.
This is what this site is all about, nothing else, no hidden agenda, we are here to help YOU. Hide your IP with us.

We are worldwide citizens who care about our freedoms and right to privacy in the networked world. We have a solid background in IT, experience in encryption and networking, which allows us to offer reliable services. We prefer to know as little as possible about our users since we value your right to privacy and anonymity.

We will not sell or give out personal information unless forced to by the appropriate legal authorities. ( never happened yet) Protecting our users is very important to us, and our services are intended to increase your privacy and security.
Enjoy our service, respect others, feel safe and secure when using the internet.

Thank you for supporting us..

Any questions or comments can be sent to:

NoirVpn Team

Chief Executive

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